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White Papers

A wide range of topics are covered, including getting the most out of DR Systems technology and applications, enhancing your diagnostic imaging department or practice, and managing DR Systems as a vendor.

Business and Implementation Issues

Comparing and Forecasting Vendor Costs

There's more to cost than sticker price. In considering purchases, value comes from systems with a proven track record of long-lasting endurance

DR Differences

Comprehensive summary of key corporate and technology differences of DR Systems Unity RIS, CVIS and PACS.

Managing DR Systems as a Vendor

Want to get the most from working with DR Systems? Here are some recommendations.

Revenue Cycle Management

The DR Systems unified RIS/PACS performance solution ensures the proper exam is acquired; the patient is eligible, authorized, and confirmed; and the ordering process is fully documented. Professionals who interpret the exam actively update information, and reading physicians promptly complete the report. Financial systems are electronically updated.

RIS/PACS Thin Client vs. Smart Client - Facts and Fads

Understanding RIS/PACS past, current, and future trends. Why do some trends persist and gain momentum over time, while others disappear? The determining factor is whether a technology trend provides true value.

The Role of Technologist in a Wired World

Working efficiently with RIS/PACS, DICOM, and IHE. Describes the vital tasks that a technologist must perform in a DICOM, IHE-wired environment. Answers the question - do technologist workstations promote efficiency and save labor costs, or do workstations create additional work?

Practice Building

Building your Advanced Imaging Practice

Practical approach to adding new imaging applications to your practice. Use 3D and other multiplanar imaging for optimal presentation and interpretation.

Competing for Medical Imaging Success

Society now demands more healthcare for less cost, with better, more accurate, timely, and caring services. How can providers use these insights to successfully compete?

Referring Doctor Benefits

Regulatory, Security, and Quality Assurance

Meaningful Use for Radiologists: Perspectives from a Vendor and Radiologist

Federal ambulatory meaningful use regulations provide potential bonus payments of $1.5B to radiologists over the next four years, with looming penalties for those eligible providers (EP) that do not comply. So the question is, “are you ready for meaningful use?” Dr. Reicher and Tom Gibbings provide some insight to help you fully understand the required technology, workflows, and reporting procedures required to receive meaningful use bonuses.

TechNote: Workstation shutdown policies

DR Systems does not have a company policy regarding shutting down workstations overnight. As the system administrator at your facility, you can decide if you want to implement a workstation shutdown policy.

White Paper: Critical Results and Values Reporting, and Non-Routine Communications

The goal is compliance with two distinct but often confused standards: The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals for “Critical Results/Values” and the ACR Practice Guideline for Communication of Diagnostic Imaging Findings as they pertain to “Non-routine Communications.” In this White Paper, learn how DR Systems supports these requirements.

Tips - PACS

RIS/PACS Protocols: Automated Workflow Efficiency Technology from DR Systems

A model of health care delivery that provides high levels of systematic efficiency, based on models of mass production operation, and customization for every system user.

TechNote: Copying an Image from the PACS to a Document or PowerPoint Presentation

How to copy an image from the PACS and paste it in a document or presentation.

TechNote: Optimizing Reports Using Indications, History, and Technologist Notes

When Schedulers and Technologists complete the indications and history fields correctly, the reading physician can create more efficient reports. The facility and patient can both benefit.

Vidar Clinical Express - Tips for Digitizing Mammography Film

Provides tips for digitizing mammography film, fixing digitizing mistakes, and creating additional views. Explains how the digitizer interacts with the DR Systems Unity RIS/PACS.

White Paper: Interoperability, unified worklist and worklist automation

Because of mergers, hospitals and imaging centers now own multiple systems for RIS, CVIS, and PACS at various facilities. Many radiology groups cover multiple facilities, often with PACS from different vendors. DR Systems provides a variety of technologies enabling cost-effective integration of your various systems and efficient workflow with unified data management.