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For New DR Systems Customers - Start Here 

Thank you for your recent purchase from DR Systems. A successful implementation requires a dedicated team, clear goals, and excellent collaboration. Our plan is to implement solutions that enhance your clinical and financial success. To get started, review the following documents below, download either "Individual Documents" or all-in-one "Bundled zip documents" file.

Individual Documents

1. Provide contact information

Need to Know List 
Provide contact information for the project team at your site.

News List
Provide contact information for all staff who will use the system.

2. Learn our formulas for success

Review this series of checklists to guide your Unity implementation.
RIS/PACS Success Formula 
Scheduler Success Formula
Mammography Success Formula

Instant Reporter Success Formula
Become a Power User - Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Reading Physicians

3. Review the Implementation Guide

RIS/CVIS/PACS Implementation Guide
Review for important instructions to prepare for system installation.

4. Take the Online Self-Paced Tutorials

Release 9 Tutorials
Review our self-paced, narrated tutorials, and receive a certificate. 

5. Review our System Documentation

Search all documents: Release 9 System Documentation

6. Online Help

Use Online Help to get answers to your questions.

Bundled zip Documents

 All Documents - Bundle Zip file

Any questions?

Contact Project Management at